New Study Says A Dog Sleeping In Bed With You is OK!


How Do You Feel About Sleeping with Dogs?

Are you OK with your dog sleeping with you?

Dog owners fall into two categories.

Some of us enjoy our snorey dog sleeping in our beds.

Some of us keep our pups in a separate room.

Sometimes it’s we don’t want dogs in our bed after we see all the gross things they get into!

However, their germs are actually good for our immune systems!

Additionally, new research suggests a dog sleeping in bed with you won’t disturb your sleep.

Exploring the Science Behind Letting a Dog Sleeping in Your Bed

In “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment,” published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers sought to understand if dogs benefit or hinder our rest when they sleep in our bedroom.

For the study, scientists studied 40 healthy adults and their dogs. The participants wore accelerometers to measure their quality of sleep.

The results reveal humans slept peacefully with dogs in their bedroom or on their beds.

However, humans with dogs in their room, but not on their bed slept the best.

After all, they sure know how to hog the bed!

People whose dog sleeping in bed averaged 83% sleep efficiency (80% is considered satisfactory).

Those whose dog sleeping in bed averaged about 80% sleep efficiency.

Dr. Lois Krahn, the lead author of the study, said “To have a purring cat or a well-behaved dog nearby may be very relaxing and conducive to sleep,” in a 2014 video interview following a previous similar study.

Having more than one pet in the bed; however, may be less beneficial.

More pups in the bed increase the risk of disruption.

What This Study Means for You and Your Dog

The researchers concluded that having a dog in your room will not disturb your sleep.

A dog in your bed may disturb your sleep a little, but the comfort of cuddling with your pet may outweigh the disruption.

What does this mean for you?

Let your pup sleep in your room!

If he’s a loud snorer, or you’re a light sleeper, they can sleep in another room.

However, the research shows having a dog in your room won’t hurt.

Having four dogs in your bed is a different story!

And the study did not mention the size of the pups or the bed.

Looking for more ways to improve you and your pet’s bond?

Consider making homemade pet food!

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