The PET | TAO TCVM Food Therapy System

Yes, you can use food as medicine to help your pet live a longer, healthier life!

Food and diet therapy is a major part of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), along with acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and Tui Na practice. 

You can use TCVM food therapy to help your pet maintain balance.

In other words, you can help balance your pet’s Yin and Yang and other vital substances of the body, resolve illness, and prevent disease using the concept of food energetics.

In the past, it was difficult for people to provide their pets with TCVM food therapy at home.

Now, however, you can quickly and easily help your pet using food therapy at home.

The PET | TAO Food Therapy System was formulated and designed by practicing holistic TCVM veterinarians Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron.

In addition, PET | TAO products are all color-coded, making it easy for you to choose the right products for your pet to thrive.

PET | TAO Canned Dog Food

PET | TAO Product - Canned Dog Food


See The Feeding Suggestions Chart

By feeding PET | TAO dog food, you get the convenience of TCVM Veterinary food therapy in a can! Our TCVM food therapy dog food brings together the best ingredients to help your dog attain and/or maintain energetic balance.

For example:

  • Chill contains cooling ingredients to counteract the effects of excess heat.
  • Harmony Limited Ingredient contains cooling ingredients to help neutralize excess heat in specific organs.
  • Harmony Beef contains energetically neutral ingredients to keep your dog in a state of balance.
  • Zing Solution contains ingredients to help support the “Blood” or liquid of the body. The “Blood” is needed for strength and energy.

Best of all, it’s quick and easy! Simply pop the top, and you have food therapy at your fingertips! The perfect solution for busy pet parents.

PET | TAO canned formulas are all-natural with no additives and preservatives. And, dogs love the flavor!

PET | TAO Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

PET | TAO Product: Freeze Dried Dog Food


See Feeding Suggestions for Finding Harmony

The PET | TAO Freeze Dried Raw formulas are the least processed of all our foods.

After raw, freeze-dried raw foods are the closest match to the “primal food” ancient canines consumed.

In addition, freeze-dried foods are more sustainable and require less packaging and waste.

There is also another amazing aspect of the freeze-dried raw formulas. There is no vitamin or mineral premix added!

Most premade dog food contains a vitamin and mineral premix. However, in the PET | TAO freeze-dried raw line, all vitamins and minerals are naturally inherent in the foods chosen. We feel this makes a truly natural, superior product.

Our staff has also found PET | TAO freeze-dried formulas perfect as a food topper and for training treats!

PET | TAO Freeze Dried Raw Dog & Cat Treats

PET | TAO Product: Freeze Dried Treats


See The Treat Feeding Suggestions Chart

Did you know you can use treats to help your pet’s natural healing process? Sounds strange, but it’s true!

For example:

  • Salmon helps dogs and cats suffering from inflammatory disease, dry skin, and cognitive dysfunction.
  • Lung helps dogs and cats suffering from allergic cough, asthma, allergic skin disease, and nasal discharge.
  • Kidney helps dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, urinary incontinence, and kidney or bladder health challenges
  • Spleen helps dogs and cats suffering from diarrhea, weight loss, and muscle atrophy.
  • Heart helps dogs and cats suffering from cardiac disease, behavior disorders, and heartworm disease.
  • Liver helps dogs and cats suffering from high liver enzymes, emotional issues, and ligament injuries.

PET | TAO treats are freeze-dried, single-ingredient treats from a trusted source.

All it takes is 3-5 treats per day to put your pet on a path to health!

In addition, PET | TAO treats are color-coded to synergistically work with PET | TAO supplements (see below) for an even more powerful effect.

PET | TAO Supplements

PET | TAO Product Portfolio



PET | TAO Supplements combine Eastern herbs with Western orthomolecular medicine, providing the most powerful natural health aids available.

For example:

  • Comfort helps dogs suffering from minor aches or discomfort. Can be used with other joint products and veterinarian-prescribed products. (
    For dogs only.)
  • Complement Immune is a super immune-boosting blend of  Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Maitake mushrooms.
  • Harmonize Joint combines glucosamine, vitamin C, green-lipped mussel, MSM, Sea Cucumber, and other herbs and vitamins for superior joint lubrication.
  • Soothe Bladder combines soothing and cleansing herbs like uva ursi, cranberry juice extract, juniper berry, and marshmallow root to support pets suffering from challenges like UTIs, kidney stones, and bladder stones.
  • Daily Vitamins are perfect for dogs who eat a home-cooked diet and pets under mental, physical, or emotional stress. 
  • Harmonize GI supports overall gut health. It contains prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to help bring everything related to digestion back into balance.
  • Harmonize Liver provides excellent liver cleanse and support. It provides dandelion root, milk thistle, and glutathione in combination with powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes to support overall liver health.

Best of all,  PET | TAO Supplements are NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Approved.

When a brand carries the NASC Quality Seal, it means the company is committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the well-being of companion animals and horses.

In addition, products must undergo stringent quality control and testing to be awarded the NASC quality seal.

Like all other products PET | TAO Food Therapy System, the supplements are color-coded and work synergistically with PET | TAO food and treats.

The Eastern Philosophy Behind the PET | TAO Food Therapy System

It’s really interesting how Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy differ in the areas of food, medicine, and health.

In Western medicine, the focus is on symptoms. In Eastern medicine, the focus is on the root causes of disease and attaining balance.

Eastern medicine considers food as medicine, and is aware of each ingredient and how it affects the body energetically.

Western medicine breaks food down into proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and the only energy taken into consideration is the calorie.

Food Energetics

Food Energetics is an Eastern philosophy. Instead of caloric energy, TCVM food therapy sees each naturally occurring food as having an innate energetic quality: warming, cooling, or neutral.

The Five Element Theory

The Five Element Theory embodies the five major body organs: heart, spleen, lung, kidney, and liver.

In short, it describes how consum­ing specific foods can help improve the functioning of the major organs.

Yin & Yang

According to Yin & Yang philosophy, a body out of balance is prone to illness.

Subsequently, bringing the body back into balance restores harmony and health.

Examples of Yin and Yang Health Challenges

Yin and yang deficiencies are simple examples of energetic imbalance.

The underlying imbalances cause obvious symptoms in pets.

For instance, Yin Deficiency often leads to:

  • Insomnia
  • Overheating
  • Weight Loss
  • Excessive Thirst

And, Yang Deficiency often leads to:

  • Mental Lethargy
  • Bloating
  • Sore Joints
  • Cold Extremities

Western medicine often uses pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms of energetic imbalance.

Eastern medicine, on the other hand, works on the root cause. In other words, Eastern medicine uses food, herbs, acupuncture, etc. to naturally bring your pet back into balance.

Luckily, PET | TAO Solution formulas help bring energetically unbalanced pets back into balance.

Formulas to Maintain Harmony

Feed your pet our delicious and nutritious Harmony Formula to maintain an energetically balanced,  healthy state.

PET | TAO Harmony Formulas:

Formulas to Provide Solutions

Is your pet energetically unbalanced and not in harmony? We can help!

In fact, PET | TAO Solution Formulas actually help bring your pet back into energetic balance.

PET | TAO Solutions Formulas:

  • Chill – Formulated with energetically cooling ingredients to clear heat and toxins.
  • Blaze – Formulated with energetically warming ingredients to warm and energize.

Therapeutic Treats

Using the theory of “Like Treats Like”, PET | TAP freeze-dried treats harmonize the following imbalances.

PET | TAO Treats:

  • Lung – Lung treats help pets suffering from lung diseases and skin allergies.
  • Heart – Heart treats help pets with cardiac challenges or behavioral issues.
  • Spleen – Spleen treats help pets suffering from diarrhea, vomiting and muscle problems.
  • Liver – Liver treats help pets with liver diseases.
  • Kidney – Kidney treats help pets suffering from arthritis, hearing loss, urinary tract diseases, and kidney failure.
  • Salmon – Salmon treats helps pets suffering from inflammation.

TCVM Supplements

PET | TAO also combines Eastern herbs with Western vitamins and minerals support the body’s natural healing process.

PET | TAO Supplements:

  • Comfort – Soothes aches and discomfort associated with normal daily activity or exercise. 
  • Complement Immune – Mushroom blend supporting immunostimulating proteoglycans and polysaccharides to support Natural Killer (NK) and T-helper cells.
  • Harmonize Joint – Natural support and maintenance of joint health and flexibility.
  • Soothe Bladder– Herbal support for normal urinary tract health and pH.
  • Daily Vitamins – A comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids for your dog.
  • Harmonize GI – Support for normal digestive balance, consistent stool quality, and gastrointestinal health.
  • Harmonize Liver – Supports overall liver health and normal liver function. 

Everything Your Pet Needs All in One Place

Start with our food and treat feeding charts.

Then, choose the specific PET | TAO products your pet needs!

Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing you’re giving everything your pet needs to be healthy from the inside out!

Unleash Your Pet’s True Health Potential Using the Magic of Eastern Food Therapy Combined With
Western Nutritional Science

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been the mainstay of health in Eastern societies for thousands of years. 

Ancient Eastern people also utilized the concept in the form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCVM) to help their farm animals become healthier and more efficient.

Traditional Chinese healers the behavior of plants and animals in nature and how they grew and thrived.

They incorporated their findings into the Eastern healing practices in the form of Materia Medicas.

In turn, the Materia Medicas are the basis for Eastern food therapy, TCM, and TCVM today.

Below is a story to help you better understand Chinese philosophy and how TCM and TCVM came about.

The Legend of The Divine Farmer

Ancient Chinese health practitioners had an amazing secret.

The secret reads like this: “藥食同源”.

In short, the secret reads: “Food and Medicine (herbs) share the same origin.”

Interesting, isn’t it?

In Eastern societies, the saying reminds people of the story of The Divine Farmer.

The Divine Farmer

According to Chinese legend, The Divine Farmer was an ancient Chinese tribal chief.

His name was Shen Nong, and he was born of a princess and a heavenly dragon.

Also, according to legend, he had a very unusual body.

The Divine Farmer’s body was transparent and allowed him to see the effect of the things he ate.

The Divine Farmer’s Plant Research

To help his people thrive, The Divine Farmer decided to try eating all the wild plants in China.

He ate each plant, taking note of how it affected his body.

The Divine Farmer taught his people which safe and mild plants to use for food.

He also discovered plants with powerful properties. Powerful plants became medicinal herbs.

And toxic plants, of course, were poison.

The Divine Farmer had many near-death experiments.

Fortunately, he was able to save himself with his superhuman knowledge and abilities.

However, one day the Divine Farmer consumed one plant so poisonous it took his life.

Supposedly, he ate a yellow flower of a weed that caused his intestines to rupture before he had time to take the antidotal tea.

However, he gifted China with “The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing“, translated as “The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica.

The Magic Combination

Legends aside, we know ancient Chinese people studied the energetics of food and each different food’s effect on the body’s subtle energy.

We call using food to affect subtle energy “Eastern food therapy“.

The philosophy of eating for subtle energy balance is quite different than the philosophy of eating proteins, fat, and carbs for caloric energy requirements and nutritional needs.

And, it’s often quite tricky to find food that meets the criteria for both subtle energy needs and nutritional requirements.

Through much research and practical, in-clinic experience, Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron found the magic combination, and PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products was born.

Eastern Food Therapy + Western Nutritional Science

The PET | TAO Story

After years in clinical practice, veterinarians Marc Smith and Casey Damron found some of their patients just weren’t getting better with conventional treatments.

Consequently, the doctors sought alternative therapies to help patients left without treatment options for their ailments.

During their search, they landed at the Chi Institute to study Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

The veterinarians then created a pet food therapy system to help pets heal and keep pets healthy.

The PET I TAO Food Therapy System combines Western nutritional science and ancient Eastern knowledge of Food Energetics, The Yin-Yang Theory, and Five-Element Theory.