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The Journey to Harmony

We all want our pets to live longer, healthier lives. How can you help your pet live a longer, healthier life? PET | TAO’s founders, Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron are here to show you how!

Drs. Smith and Damron practice veterinary medicine daily, accumulating over 30 combined years of veterinary experience. Their daily work with animals revealed one particular health pattern:

Poor diet and inadequate nutrition result in chronic illness.

But what constitutes a good diet and adequate nutrition? Western guidelines left some of the doctors’ concerns unanswered. Thus began their journey into Eastern Food Therapy.

Food is medicine. Feeding the correct food for your pet improves his or her health in amazing ways. Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron found the key to longer, healthier lives for pets: the right food. Using little-known Eastern concepts, they created PET | TAO.

PET TAO’s History

Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron both studied Western veterinary medicine at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville College of Veterinary Medicine, and maintain private veterinary practices. As the doctors worked with clients and their pets, they began to learn more about Eastern veterinary medicine’s benefits.

Testimonies about positive results from Eastern modalities and treatments, such as herbal therapy, food therapy, and acupuncture, intrigued the doctors. Eastern Veterinary medicine, also known as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), offers natural treatment and prevention options for animals. To better serve their clients, Drs. Damron and Smith studied TCVM for many years at the renowned Chi Institute in Florida.

The Chi Institute educates Western veterinarians on the principles of TCVM and is the leading provider of TCVM training in the world. As the doctors studied at the Chi Institute, commuting monthly to attend classes and labs, they recognized the great benefits of TCVM and its five branches. Training at the Chi Institute transformed their practices by allowing them to offer enhanced treatment and preventive strategies to clients and their pets.

Eastern and Western Therapies

Through their training and experience, Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron learned food therapy is one of the most effective of the five branches of TCVM. Eastern cultures have practiced Eastern Food Therapy for centuries. Originating in China over 3,500 years ago as a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Eastern Food Therapy uses food to prevent disease and maintain health, happiness, and longevity.

While attending the Chi Institute, they searched and could not find a pet food offering a diet based on the principles of TCVM’s food therapy. So, they developed one. Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron put their training into practice and consulted with professionals, experts, and teachers from abroad.

The first step was formulating the diets. They formulated every diet to be balanced according to the theories of TCVM. They chose ingredients based on the energetics of Eastern Food Therapy, which places emphasis on how ingredients affect the body after consumption.

Then, they had each formula tested according to Western standards and modified each formula depending on the Western test results. Afterward, they went over the energetics of the foods again and combined them. The end product is a harmonious balance of Eastern Food Therapy and Western Nutritional Science.


Since 2010, PET | TAO has been helping pets live longer and feel better. We call the overall manifestation of health: Harmony. At PET | TAO, we use food therapy principles to build the foundation for all pets to attain and achieve health, happiness, and harmony.

Today, PET | TAO is recommended by veterinarians and retailers across the country – all because of our unique approach, trusted ingredients, and exceptional formulas. Feeding your pet is something you do every day. It’s important. Make one small change for a happier, healthier, and more harmonious pet. Seems simple, and surprisingly, it is.

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