TCVM Stomach Happy Herbal Formula Eases Cat Stomach Ulcers

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And, cats naturally hide medical symptoms more than dogs. As a result, many cat stomach ulcer symptoms are not noticed until the cat’s condition becomes severe. Accidental poisoning is a leading cause of cat stomach ulcers. Accidental poisoning can be caused by plant intoxication from sources like mushrooms, sago palm, or castor beans. Heavy metals, […]

Stomach Happy Herbal Blend Soothes Horse Ulcers


What You Need to Know About Horse Ulcers If your horse all of a sudden loses his appetite and gets fussy about meals, he may be suffering from gastric ulcers. In fact, gastric ulcers in horses are fairly common. It is always easier and less expensive to treat horse ulcers if you catch them early. […]

Stomach Happy: Natural Relief for Dog Stomach Ulcers

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Dog stomach ulcers are often related to how efficiently the dog’s stomach protects itself against its own stomach acid. Prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a common cause of gastric ulcers because NSAIDs decrease the stomach’s ability to buffer acids used for digestion. Symptoms of dog stomach ulcers include: Abdominal pain Anemia Loss of appetite Rapid heart […]

Your Guide to TCVM Homemade Cat Food Recipes

Your Guide to TCVM Homemade Cat Food Recipes

If you’re looking for homemade cat food recipes, you’ve landed in the right place! Here you will find veterinarian-formulated, TCVM food therapy slow cooker recipes for different cat health needs. Why Make Homemade Cat Food? There are several reasons why people choose to make homemade cat food: Quality control: Making homemade cat food gives you […]

Shen Calmer: Herbal Remedy for Anxious Horses


Holistic livestock parents seek natural ways to soothe their horses’ ailments. Sometimes horses are physically healthy but emotionally unwell.  Depressed or anxious horses need care the same way a physically ill horse would. How do you know your horse is anxious? How do veterinarians treat horse anxiety holistically? Horse Anxiety Symptoms Anxious horses exhibit the following symptoms: […]

Dog Cushing’s Disease Natural Treatments

Dog Cushing’s Disease Natural Treatments

For any medical condition, we are attracted to the idea of natural treatments. The same is true for Cushing’s Disease. Why? Because Cushing’s Disease natural treatments do no harm! Supplements typically cost less. And, home remedies generally require less effort. However, the big question is: “Do dog Cushing’s disease natural treatments work?” When deciding to […]