Natural Pain Relief: Understanding Dog Arthritis Massage

Natural Pain Relief: Understanding Dog Arthritis Massage

Doesn’t a spa day feel great? A facial or manicure is nice, but massage is the best part! Guess what! Your aging pup benefits from TLC, too. In fact, arthritis massage is a wonderful way to help alleviate your dog’s arthritis pain. Benefits of Dog Arthritis Massage Massage is the gentle manipulation of superficial and […]

What is a GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms?

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Neither do most people! Sure, we’ve all heard the hype about GMO labeling. And seen the pet food shelves with “GMO-free” products. But without proper knowledge, how can one know when to ignore or heed GMO guidance? What are GMOs? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. What’s that? In laboratories, scientists are able to manipulate […]

Help For Dog Arthritis Pain: Make Your Dog Feel Better

Dog arthritis is the #1 cause of chronic pain in dogs. Arthritis affects approximately 20% of dogs overall, and as much as 70% to 80% of certain breeds. Chances are high your dog will, sooner or later, suffer from arthritis pain. Just like his owner, man’s best friend is destined to suffer an aching, debilitating […]