How to Build a Farm First Aid Kit

Farm First Aid Kit

Why Make a Farm First Aid Kit?

If you have farm animals, then you need a farm first aid kit.

Keeping farm animals is a rewarding experience.

Some farm animals have jobs, but all farm animals are part of the family.

Prepare for emergencies by keeping a farm first aid kit on hand.

We’ve compiled the best items to include in your farm first aid kit.

What to Include

A combination of common tools and ointments is best to keep your kit small and complete.

We’ve compiled a general list for a variety of animals including horses, goats, cows, and chickens.

Create your own kit based on the animals on your farm.


Scissors – Keep scissors on hand to cut gauze or twine.

Thermometer – Since veterinary thermometers are inserted rectally, a lubricant is also necessary. An animal’s temperature can determine its overall health.

Latex Gloves – If you’re on a farm, there’s going to be some messes.

Flashlight – You never know when an animal will fall ill. A flashlight will prepare you for any situation in a dark barn or late at night.

Syringes – Oral and needle syringes are good to keep on hand for administering medicine, taking blood, or deworming.

Gauze – Gauze or wound wrap is necessary to cover open wounds or profuse bleeding.


Lubricant – Keep lubricant on hand for veterinary thermometers.

Ointment – Udder ointment is good to have on hand for cows. Wound spray or antibiotic ointment is also a necessary addition to the first aid kit.

Rubbing Alcohol – use rubbing alcohol, iodine or saline to clean wounds and sterilize the umbilical cord of newborns.

Electrolytes – Lethargic or anorexic animals benefit from a quick dose of electrolytes before the veterinarian arrives to administer treatment.

Bloat treatment – Ruminants are susceptible to bloat, which can escalate quickly. Keep bloat treatment on hand to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Etc. Items

Epsom Salt – Hoofed animals need Epsom soaks to treat abscesses.

Become a more informed farm animal parent by checking out our best podcasts on-farm animal care, nutrition, and safety.

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