Meet the TCVM Veterinarians: Dr. Casey Damron and Dr. Marc Smith

Meet the TCVM Veterinarians: Dr. Casey Damron and Dr. Marc Smith

We have been friends for a long time – since 1994 to be exact!

My clinics sit a mere 13 miles from Casey’s clinic. We share medical cases.

So, we know each other well.

Yet, it was back in 2006 when our career paths changed. In 2006, we both went back to school to learn TCVM. It was quite a change for the two of us.

Up until that point, we had been practicing veterinarians for almost ten years.

Treating and diagnosing everything from the mangey dog to the diabetic cat, we had seen and done it all.

The only problem was we couldn’t treat it all. Many of our treatments failed.

These treatment failures and our mounting frustration motivated us.

We were successful as traditional veterinarians. Yet, we wanted to help more pets.

TCVM Veterinarians at School

I can well remember Casey and me sitting in our Food Therapy class.

I wasn’t listening because listening is something I don’t do well. I am working on it. But Casey, he was listening as a son listens to his father. He soaked up all the information.

It’s the Yin-Yang relationship we have.

I’m the loud one. He’s the quiet one. I’m the dumb one. He’s the smart one. I’m the fast mover. He’s the slow mover. It’s the reason we work together so well, I guess.

After class, I asked Casey, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we formulated a pet food following Food Therapy principles?”

He quipped, “Whatever!”

See, Casey is a man of few words. I like to talk a lot. Again, it’s the Yin-Yang.

But after months of mulling it over, Casey agreed and we started PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products.

TCVM Veterinarians at Home

Around 2010, we started the formulation and the other stuff that goes along with it.

We learned a lot, but what a headache. Marketing, branding, selling – we had not a clue. But, we moved forward.

Without Casey’s organization, we would have failed. Without my loud mouth and telling everyone about it, we would have failed.

We are like two peas in a pod.

It took a long time, but we sold our first case of dog food in the fall of 2011.

What We Learned from Our Clients

Clients demand a lot from their veterinarians. If the veterinarian fails to deliver, the clients seek services elsewhere.

Years ago, many of our clients were interested in alternative treatment options. Since we couldn’t provide these services, our clients sought services elsewhere.

That’s a bummer!

But, we couldn’t quit veterinary medicine. Too many people relied on us.

And that same attitude applies to PET | TAO. Too many people and their pets rely on us.

We’ve built PET | TAO with food based on a philosophy, hard work, and putting your pets first. It’s the same way we practice veterinary medicine.

What’s Coming Next

We’ll still provide you with the best food and treats to feed your pet.

But, you’re gonna get more, a lot more:

  • The best info on pet health
  • Ways to keep your pet healthy
  • Exclusive access to innovative content
  • And much more…

Stay tuned!

Today, it’s all about the big picture, and we’re gonna give it to you.

Casey’s clinic

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