The Top 3 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Formulas for Pets

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Animals, like humans, are unique individuals.

Unique individuals need unique, specific, and individual treatments to fight disease and maintain harmony.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) provides a tailored approach.

Chinese herbal formulas offer many benefits other modalities do not.

The Top 3 Benefits of Chinese Herbal Formulas

Benefit #1:Chinese Herbal Formulas Have Few Side Effects

One benefit of TCVM herbal formulas is limited side effects.

In fact, society’s response to the side-effects of Western medicine has increased TCVM’s popularity in the Western world.

More people seek Eastern herbal alternatives because of the “whole body” approach.

People want to avoid the potential side effects of Western pharmaceuticals.

Benefit #2: Chinese Herbal Formulas Work Well in Conjunction With Western Treatments

TCVM formulas used in conjunction with Western treatments enhance their effects.

Often, you can even use Eastern herbals to replace Western pharmaceuticals entirely.

For example, we often have geriatric dogs referred to our clinic by other vets.
The pet’s parents are looking for holistic methods to improve quality of life.

Often, such geriatric dogs come already taking Rimadyl for arthritis pain, even in the presence of elevated liver enzymes.

Veterinarians know that NSAIDs can be hard on liver function in an older geriatric dog.

An Eastern herbal formula, with virtually no side effects, might be a better option.

Benefit #3: Chinese Herbal Formula Recommendations are Based on a TCVM Examination

Finally, Eastern herbal formulas custom treatments based on the outcome of the Eastern examination.

According to Eastern theory, a lack of balance in the body is the cause of disease.

A disease such as arthritis can result from a variety of different imbalances in the body.

It is up to the TCVM practitioner, through Eastern examination and diagnosis, to determine the imbalance and choose the appropriate herbal formula based on the presenting imbalance.

As an example, two different dogs with stifle arthritis may have two different imbalances.

To get the best results, the vet must choose the herb based on the imbalance, not the disease.

The use of TCVM herbal blends customizes the treatment to the patient’s individual needs.

Chinese herbal formulas work best when combined with Eastern Food Therapy, sufficient water, and moderate exercise.

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