The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

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There are many options available to help dogs diagnosed with cancer

However, many pet parents find the many options confusing. Luckly, there are some good “guide” books available to help.

For example, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Dr. Damian Dressler, is an excellent resource to optimize your dog’s quality of life and longevity. 

In fact, it’s one of our favorites.

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide guides you through cancer symptoms and treatments.

It also shows you how to develop a custom plan for your dog’s personalized cancer treatment.

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide covers surgery and more such as:

  • Conventional Western veterinary treatments and how to reduce their side effects
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Non-Conventional Therapies and Treatments
  • Botanical Nutraceuticals
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Mind-Body Medicine

In addition, it explains how to analyze options and develop your own plan based on:

  • The type of cancer
  • The dog’s age
  • Your financial and time budget
  • Your personality
  • Personal factors

However, dog cancer survival rates vary depending on the type of cancer and your dog’s age, health and the treatment options chosen.

By following the recommendations in the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, you can increase the odds of your dog living a longer, healthier life.

Powerful Tools for Overcoming Dog Cancer Challenges

You might not be aware, but many cancer-fighting tools are easy to get and use at home. 

To realize your true cancer-fighting potential:

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