The Energetics of Food

The Energetics of Food

 What is Food Energetics? Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” In today’s world of fast food, processed food, and modern pharmaceuticals, the idea of “food as medicine” has been lost and forgotten. Long ago, in ancient cultures, this concept of food as medicine and medicine as the food […]

How Lipase Benefits Pet Digestion

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Lipase Supplements Replace Missing Digestive Enzymes Lipase is an amazing supplement if you want to be proactive with your pet’s digestive system. Does your pet have an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea? If your pet doesn’t have a proper balance of enzymes in his digestive system, his immune function suffers. Get your cat or dog […]

Treatment Options for Canine Lung Cancer

Treatment Options for Lung Cancer in Dogs

How to Treat Canine Lung Cancer Canine lung cancer is fairly uncommon but it does occur. It occurs when carcinomas develop in the lung epithelial tissue. Lung cancer develops directly in the lung tissue, or in the bronchioles and airways. Dog lung cancer is aggressive and often spreads to the lymph nodes and thoracic tissues.  The […]

What to Know about Dog Tumor Grades and Stages

What to Know about Dog Tumor Grades and Stages

In diagnosing dog cancer, dog tumor testing often helps determine the type and severity of cancer. If sent to a lab, the pathologist will label a dog tumor with a “grade” and your veterinarian will assign a “stage” to your dog’s cancer.  The grade describes how differentiated the cells are and how aggressive cancer appears. Grade […]

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

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There are many options available to help dogs diagnosed with cancer.  However, many pet parents find the many options confusing. Luckly, there are some good “guide” books available to help. For example, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Dr. Damian Dressler, is an excellent resource to optimize your dog’s quality of life and longevity.  In […]

How to Prevent Dog Bladder Stones with Water Therapy

How to Treat Dog Bladder Stones

Dog bladder stones are just one type of stone doctors call uroliths. Bladder stones are a common occurrence in domestic animals. Uroliths can precipitate from solution to form throughout the urinary tract of most animals, including cats, horses, dogs, and yes, people. The stones form in the urinary bladder. Bladder stones vary in size and […]