Do You Recognize a Hypoallergenic Cat Food When You See One?

Do You Recognize a Hypoallergenic Cat Food When You See One?

Both dogs and cats thrive, or at least appear to thrive, on a certain diet.

Our pets thrive, not because of what we feed them, but in spite of what we feed them.

Unapologetically, I feel the best food for cats with allergies–the most hypoallergenic cat food I have found–is a cat food I created called PET | TAO.

I have used my many years of training and experience to produce a cat food free of allergens that cause most cat allergies.

But, the information is not a sales pitch for PET | TAO.

This article is merely my opinion based on my experiences.

Here in the West, we have been indoctrinated to think immediately of medicine as the cure to the illness.

We almost always say, “my cat is sick” or “my cat has allergies – what can I give her?”

The important thing to remember is:

Sickness is almost always a sign of a weakened, subdued, or highly reactive immune system.

Allergies indicate a highly reactive immune system – almost too strong.

Under either circumstance, over-medication might just be the wrong approach.

It could even be a fatal one.

Try food first!

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