Natural Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

Natural Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer

But, summer also means soaring temperatures, bugs, and outdoor dangers.

Follow our guidelines to keep your pet safe and happy this season.

Car Safety

As a rule, never leave your pet in a hot car.

Cars heat up inside much hotter than outside temperatures and heat up quickly.

Bring a water dish for your pet when you leave the house.

When Fido is riding with you in the car, it’s ok to let him stick his head out the window.

However, make sure you lock the window, and the window is not rolled down too far.

Some pets will jump out if they see something fun.

It’s best to keep the windows rolled up and the air conditioning on.

Water and Outdoor Safety

You may want to take your pup on a hike, to the lake, or to the pool.


If you’re hiking with your pup, take precautions to keep him or her safe.

Bring water and stay in shady areas.

Another way to keep your pup cool on a hot summer day is to bring a travel-sized spray bottle filled with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and topped off with water.

Shake well and spray your dog. As the peppermint and water evaporate, it cools your dog.

You can also spray it on yourself!


Saltwater pools are safe for dogs.

The chlorine in most pools will dry out and irritate your pet’s skin and eyes.

If you do bring Fido swimming in a chlorinated pool, rinse him with a hose first to let his fur absorb the water.

Rinse them off after as well.

Never let your pet in a hot tub.


Many dogs love to swim in the lake.

If you bring your pet to a lake, one way to keep your pet safe is to watch out for snakes and spider bites.


Most beaches only allow dogs off-season or after-hours.

If you bring your pet to the beach, don’t let them swallow too much seawater.

Swallowing sea water causes diarrhea and dehydration.

Loud Noises

Most towns have fireworks on major holidays, such as the Fourth of July.

While some pets don’t mind, many become extremely anxious

Take the necessary precautions to secure your pet safe and make him or her feel safe

BBQ Safety

Fido can smell that yummy barbecue from a mile away!

However, don’t let pets come too close to the fire, as they could get burned.

Additionally, keep your pet’s people food snacks to a minimum, as sauces and spices upset a dog or cat’s delicate stomach.

Resisting Bugs

Fleas, ticks, and heartworms, carried by mosquitos, are the three worst offenders of the summer season.

Natural and Traditional Pest Prevention

Some people recommend garlic, black walnut, wormwood, and homeopathic heartworm nosode for natural heartworm prevention.

However, using natural heartworm preventative is risky, as there are no scientific studies proving their efficacy.

Dr. Marc Smith, the co-founder of PET | TAO and practicing veterinarian at Natchez Trace Veterinary Services, recommends conventional heartworm prevention oral medications, such as ivermectin, also known as Tri-Heart. 

For those living in areas where fleas and ticks are not prevalent, natural preventatives may help.

Essential oils for flea and tick prevention include:

Burning citronella candles helps too.

If you live in the Southeast, where fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are very common, we recommend using a flea and tick preventative such as NexGard (afoxolaner). This will definitely keep your pet safe from fleas and ticks.

Essential Oil Flea Collar for Dogs

Mix the following ingredients together in a dark glass bottle:

Place a few drops spaced out on the collar and let the collar sit in a mason jar for 30 minutes. Remove the collar from the jar and let dry completely.

You can also add an additional 15ml fractionated coconut oil to the mixture and apply it to your dog before going outside.

Use fewer drops and a higher dilution level on puppies and smaller dogs.

Essential Oil Tick Prevention Collar For Dogs

In a bowl, mix together the following:

Soak the collar in the mixture for about 20 minutes. Let air dry completely before placing it on your pup. Repeat the soak every 2-3 weeks.

Essential Oils for Cats

Essential oils for flea prevention in cats:

Essential oils for tick prevention in cats:

Spray on your cat once a day.

Note: Make sure all essential oils you use on your pet are safe for ingestion because pets lick! Many essential oils can be toxic when applied topically to cats on a regular basis. Please talk with your holistic veterinarian before using essential oils on cats. If you have trouble finding essential oils that are safe for ingestion, please let us know. We can help.

We want you and your pets to have a safe, fun summer.

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