Petsimonial: How PET | TAO Homemade Dog Food Helped Suede the Beagle


I adopted Suede from the ASPCA in Harlem, NY about 5 years ago.

When I walked into the kennel, all the other dogs were barking loudly and jumping up on their cage doors.

Suede stood quietly in his cage, wagging his tail and looking up at me as I walked by. I immediately knew Suede and I was each other’s destiny.

Suede had some health problems when I adopted him. He needed eye surgery to fix ingrown lashes, which left his eyes red and irritated.

He also had severe skin allergies on his paws and face.

The veterinarian recommended I feed him a simple diet of rice, chicken, and veggies until his skin cleared up.

Little did I know the advice was the beginning of my foray into homemade dog food.

Home Cooking My Pets’ Dog Food Works for Me

After Suede’s skin issues cleared up, I tried feeding him expensive, grain-free canned dog food.

His hunger struck until I was cooking for him again.

I’ve been cooking for Suede for about 5 years now.

Since working for PET | TAO, I started making their homemade dog food recipes.

I also adopted another pup.

With PET | TAO’s recipes, I no longer cook each ingredient separately.

Now, I throw everything into a crockpot, leave it on for a few hours, and come home to perfectly cooked dog food.

Suede’s Bloodwork Looks Great!

I recently took Suede to see Dr. Marc Smith, co-founder of PET | TAO, and practicing veterinarian at Natchez Trace Veterinary Services.

Suede was due for a dental, as evidenced by some aggressive tartar buildup and gum inflammation.

Before a dental, most dogs require blood work.

I was a little nervous to see Suede’s values, especially since I cook his food.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised?

All of Suede’s values came back in the normal ranges, including nutritional levels like calcium.

Suede’s Coat is Shiny and Soft

Suede was pretty beat up when I adopted him.

Allergies and medical problems left his eyes and paws red and irritated, and he was very thin.

Now, he’s like a different dog!

The ASPCA gave Suede his name, but it fits him now more than ever!

His ears feel just like suede – soft and shiny with thick fur.

Suede’s Food Allergies Don’t Bother Him Anymore!

Since cooking for Suede, and especially since making PET | TAO’s homecooked energetically neutral dog food recipe, Suede’s eyes are clear and his paws look good too!

Even though the skin around his paws cleared up, Suede developed a nervous habit of licking his paws, especially when food allergies left them red and irritated.

We’ve been able to break Suede’s habit by applying lavender oil to his paws.

The scent relaxes Suede while the taste prevents him from licking.

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