TCVM Herbal Shen Calmer Soothes Nervous Cat Behavior

TCVM Herbal Shen Calmer Soothes Nervous Cat Behavior

A variety of scenarios cause nervous cat behavior.

Left untreated, the nervous behavior may become worse over time.

If your cat shows signs of nervous behavior, first determine the cause.

Then, try to make him feel more comfortable.

Causes of Nervous Cat Behavior

Some cats are naturally more nervous than other cats.

Sometimes genetics causes cat nervousness.

Usually, nervous cat behavior stems from a lack of socialization as a kitten.

Kittens need exposure to everything they shouldn’t fear before they are 12 weeks old.

Obviously, exposure doesn’t always occur within the 12-week time frame.

Cats also develop fears after maturity.

If a cat has a negative experience with something, he can also develop a fear.

The negative experience could be noises, people or other pets.

Symptoms of Nervous Cat Behavior

Cats can exhibit nervous behavior in several ways.

The most common nervous cat behavior is to run and hide.

Often, cats disappear into a safe hiding place to protect themselves.

Nervousness may display as aggression.

Sometimes a cat learns aggressive behavior causes scary things to leave.

If so, he may hiss, scratch or bite when faced with a fearful situation.

The behavior appears as aggression toward frightening stimuli.

Sometimes, cats redirect fear aggression toward the owner or other pets in the house.

Cats sometimes redirect their nervousness toward inanimate objects.

Such occurrences result in the destruction of furniture, carpet or other objects.

Nervous cat behavior sometimes to inappropriate elimination.

If something frightens your cat, he may spray various places in the house.

If something frightens your cat while on the litter box, he may become afraid of the litter box.

Litterbox fear causes cats to eliminate in inappropriate places.

Sometimes, with patience and understanding, you can work cats through their nervousness.

Other times, cats need a little extra help.

Luckily, Eastern medicine offers a natural, herbal solution for cat nervousness.

Shen Calmer, a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) herbal blend, naturally treats cat nervousness.

Shen Calmer for Nervous Cat Behavior: The Western Approach

Western medicine looks at a patient’s symptoms, then provides a diagnosis.

Shen Calmer helps cats with the following Western diagnoses:

  • Anxiety/Separation Anxiety
  • Nervousness/Restlessness
  • Insomnia

Western veterinarians often prescribe pharmaceuticals for nervous cat behavior.

Medications often help, but also have side effects.

If your veterinarian has prescribed medicine for your cat’s nervousness, you should ask about possible side effects.

Shen Calmer for Nervous Cat Behavior: The Eastern Approach

Eastern medicine treats a disease’s root cause(s) rather than symptoms.

TCVM veterinarians evaluate cat nervousness differently than Western veterinarians.

TCVM vets look for signs of imbalance.

Shen Calmer treats cats with the following TCVM signs:

  • Anxiety
  • Blood deficiency
  • Heart Yin deficiency
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness/Restlessness
  • Red, dry tongue
  • Shen (Spirit) disorder
  • Thin, fast pulse

According to TCM principles, stress causes Liver Qi stagnation.

After some time, Liver Qi stagnation transforms into Fire.

Fire consumes Heart Yin and disturbs Shen (spirit and mental activities).

With disturbed Shen, anxiety and nervousness manifest.

Anxiety and nervousness lead to lack of focus, poor performance, and even madness.

The key to treating Shen disturbance is to nourish Heart Yin and cool Fire.

How Shen Calmer Treats Nervous Cat Behavior

Shen Calmer is a TCVM blend of 16 different Eastern herbs.

The herbs perform synergistically, balancing systems and meridians in the body.

Shen Calmer addresses the underlying causes of cat nervousness.

The underlying cause of a disease is an imbalance somewhere in the body.

Shen Calmer alleviates internal imbalances while easing the symptoms of cat nervousness.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shen Calmer heals by:

  • Nourishing the Heart Yin
  • Nourishing the Blood
  • Calming the Shen
  • Soothing Liver Qi

The main ingredients in Shen Calmer are:

  • Bai Sho Yao (Paeonia) soothes the Liver
  • Bai Zi Ren (Biota) calms Shen, nourishes Heart
  • Chai Hu (Bupleurum) regulates Liver Qi and relieves stress
  • Dan Shen (Salvia) invigorates Blood and dispels stasis
  • Dang Gui (Angelica) nourishes Heart Blood
  • Fu Shen (Poria) calms Shen
  • Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogon) nourishes Heart Yin
  • Mu Li (Shu) (Ostrea) calms Shen and subdues Liver Yang
  • Qing Pi (Citrus) soothes Liver Qi and relaxes tension
  • Suan Zao Ren (Sheng) (Zizyphus) calms Shen and nourishes Heart
  • Tian Men Dong (Asparagus) nourishes Heart Yin
  • Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra) consolidates other herbs
  • Xiang Fu (Cyperus) soothes Liver Qi
  • Xuan Shen (Scrophularia) cools Blood Heat
  • Ye Jiao Teng (Polygonum) calms Shen and nourishes Heart
  • Yuan Zhi (Polygala) calms Chen and nourishes Heart

Dr. Huisheng Xie, the founder of the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL, created Shen Calmer specifically for animals.

Shen Calmer works best when combined plenty of water, Eastern Food Therapy, and moderate exercise.

Note: Information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your own veterinarian.

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