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When you cut your finger, you worry it will become contaminated with bacteria and dirt.

But your body knows to produce white blood cells to clean up the contamination. In two weeks, the cut is gone. In fact, your cut can heal without Neosporin.

The same scenario applies to our pets. They can heal themselves.

But for some reason, our memories escape us. We have forgotten our furry friends’ bodies are the best pet insurance because they are capable of healing themselves.

So, what must change?

Our perspective. We must consider ancient wisdom.

Ancient Eastern wisdom teaches us that our bodies heal themselves.

To rely on medicine to treat every ailment disregards ancient wisdom. In fact, our bodies and our pets bodies heal if given the right building blocks for health.

And, it all starts with food.

The Best Pet Insurance: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

TCVM faded out of popularity but has recently made a comeback.

Years ago, TCVM practitioners realized that your pet’s vital energy circulates throughout.

This vital energy flows through and connects all organs. It also dictates the ability of the body to heal itself.

They also realized food impacts the strength or weakness of this vital energy.

If you eat the wrong foods, vital energy decreases. If you eat the right foods, vital energy stays strong.

Strong energy keeps the body healthy.

Four Tenets of TCVM

  • Your pet’s body is capable of healing itself.
  • A healthy pet remains in balance through food energetics.
  • Food has energetic properties that correlate to specific organs in the body.
  • Feed your pet the right food in the right amount and at the right time to promote health and harmony.

As you can see, food heals the body.

But, times have changed.

No longer do we consider the body to be a machine capable of healing itself. We now rely on the physician or the veterinarian.

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Lissa Rankin’s book “Mind Over Medicine: How to Help Your Body Heal Itself.” In it, she describes her medical school teachings:

As a physician, I was trained to believe that I know your body better than you do. If you get sick, you should hand yourself over to me the way you might bring your broken-down car to a mechanic. With little or no input from you, if the exchange goes well, voila! You’re all fixed up and ready to roll.

This mentality removes our personal responsibility for our own healthcare.

Moreover, it discounts our bodies, as well as our pets’ bodies, heal themselves far better than any medicine or doctor. If your pet eats the right food, it will enhance the vital energy for these processes to work.

The discount is even more pronounced for our pets as they cannot bark or meow and say, “HEY! Feed me food to keep me healthy.”

Self-Repair Process Starts Now

As pet owners, we spend money to keep our pets healthy.

And, we know the best pet insurance doing whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

What a huge responsibility!

Here is another excerpt from Dr. Lissa Rankin on the paradigm shift taught in medical school.

Our physiology texts teach us that it (the body) is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that kill the cancer cells we produce every day, fight infectious agents, repair broken proteins, keep our coronary arteries open and naturally fight the aging process.

It sounds like the old TCVM wisdom.

But, it all depends on factors like diet to strengthen the vital energy.

Remember, when deciding what food our pets should eat or what pharmaceuticals they should take, always bet on your pet.

They know what’s best for them.

Food Heals

We all want the same things: our pets to live longer, be healthy, and live in harmony.

Sounds simple. Right?

We’re looking for feedback.

How has your perspective on pet medicine changed in the past ten years?

What do you think is the best pet insurance?

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