Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

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Help! My Dog is Eating Grass!

Your dog Buck wakes you up at 4:30 am, licking his lips like he just finished an ice cream cone.

Is he having a seizure?

No, he just needs to go outside.

“Oh no, not again,” you think, as you stumble down the stairs to grab his leash.

Buck pulls you outside and runs straight to the base of a tree.

Instead of going to the bathroom, he starts eating something.

Why is your dog eating grass?

Your frustration mounts.

Still chomping.

Buck has yet to relieve himself.

All this at 4:30 in the morning.

Why does Buck do this to you?!

All dogs have one important trait in common

Do you have a dog known to be one of the “smarter” breeds?

Or at least, a dog with real, wolf, wild instincts?

ALL dogs have the instincts required to take care of themselves – but that’s about it.

Every once in a while, dogs are strange.

No matter how “smart” your dog is, most feeding behaviors are instinctual.

Eastern medicine acknowledges people and animals can regulate their health.

The ultimate goal is balance.

One basic premise of Eastern Food Therapy is all foods have energetic properties. These energetic properties heal the body.

As an example, when dogs sense heat, inflammation, or pain in their stomachs, they eat grass.

The grass is a “cooling” food and balances “heat” in the stomach.

Therefore, the dog regulates himself.

However, other theories exist.

Is this the only theory with any validity?

It’s up to you to decide.

Why else might your dog eat grass?

Your awesome, intelligent dog kills a rat. Other dogs clean up the scraps.

Your dog wants to hide the spot he found his kill, so he eats the prey, and then some grass to hide the scent.

This behavior could have evolved through centuries and presented as grass consumption.

Most aspects of pet care have alternative theories.

Traditional veterinary medicine presents a small portion of the great, ancient ideas out there.

Allowing your dog to eat grass is allowing him to balance his digestive system.

Resilient pets lift the weight from your shoulders

When your pet eats grass to regulate their stomach inflammation, you feel confident they will heal.

Do not treat your grass with pesticides if your pets eat the grass.

PET | TAO’s Harmonize GI is an amazing blend of the best probiotics and digestive enzymes for dogs and cats.

By supplementing your pet’s diet with Harmonize GI, you’ll improve gut health. Better gut health means less vomiting, diarrhea, and grass-eating.

In addition, your pet will experience enhanced immunity and allergen resistance.

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