Natural Remedy for Cat Anxiety: Shen Calmer


Why You Need a Natural Remedy for Cat Anxiety

When your pet is sick, you want to soothe their ailments as naturally as possible.

Sometimes, cats are emotionally unwell even when they’re physically healthy.

You might think it’s unusual for cats to be emotionally unwell.

But, in fact, it is quite common.

And, it’s quite sad when a cat’s quality of life suffers because of an emotional issue.

For example, anxious or depressed cats need to care the same way a physically ill kitty does.

Luckily, we have natural ways to help anxious and depressed cats.

Read on to discover:

  • How to know whether or not your cat is anxious
  • How veterinarians treat cat anxiety holistically
  • A natural remedy for cat anxiety.

Cat Anxiety Symptoms

Cats are quite quirky creatures!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand cat behavior.

And, you hardly know what a cat is thinking.

Not all cats who are anxious will act skittish. Sometimes they do just the opposite and become inactive.

Anxious cats might exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Tucked tail
  • Self-licking and biting
  • Diarrhea
  • Escape behavior or hiding
  • Withdrawal or reduced activity
  • Trembling and nervousness.

If your cat suffers anxiety, we recommend seeking help.

Anxiety usually doesn’t go away or get better on its own.

Most likely, it will get worse over time. In addition, the symptoms and/or undesirable behaviors will increase.

Chronic anxiety has physiological effects on cat health the same way it does in people.

It often leads to immune issues and/or severe depression.

We recommend taking your cat to a TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) veterinarian for a full evaluation and diagnosis.

The TCVM evaluation will uncover the root causes of your cat’s anxiety, and your vet will move forward with natural treatments.

How a TCVM Vet Diagnoses Cat Anxiety

Your TCVM will look for different symptoms than a traditional vet.

Regular veterinary medicine evaluates and treats symptoms.

Conversely, TCVM evaluates and treats the underlying cause.

For example, a TCVM vet will specifically check for:

  • Thin, fast pulse
  • Red, dry tongue
  • Restlessness or nervousness
  • Insomnia.

After discovering imbalances, TCVM vets recommend natural treatments to help.

Shen Calmer is a popular TCVM herbal formula for the underlying causes of cat anxiety.

Another holistic or natural remedy for cat anxiety is  Pheromonatherapy.

Sometimes, diet changes help.

In addition, TCVM vets also use acupuncture and Tui Na to help relieve anxiety in cats.

Treatment depends on the root cause of the imbalance.

How Shen Calmer Soothes Anxious Cats

Shen Calmer is one of the top Chinese herbal blends for cat anxiety.

Shen Calmer combines several herbs, all of which work together, to soothe Liver Qi and calm Shen.

We’ll explain how Shen Calmer promotes balance to help your cat feel better.

Here is an example of how an imbalance in your cat’s body might lead to anxiety.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, stress causes stagnation of Liver Qi.

For example, Liver Qi stagnation eventually becomes a fire, consuming Heart Yin and disturbing Shen (spirit).

And, disturbed Shen results in anxiety and restlessness.

TCVM veterinarians soothe disturbed Shen by nourishing Heart Yin and cooling Fire.

The herbal remedy Shen Calmer helps anxious cats by:

  • Calming Shen
  • Nourishing Blood and Heart Yin
  • Soothing Liver Qi.

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Note: Information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute the advice provided by your own veterinarian.

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