Holistic Melatonin and Lignans Treatment for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Dog Cushing’s Disease Natural Treatments

Does your dog suffer from Cushing’s disease or atypical Cushing’s disease? If so, supplementing with melatonin and lignans is an amazing tool! Supplementing with melatonin and lignans helps dogs suffering from: Atypical Cushing’s disease Cushing’s disease Cushing’s-like symptoms The reason melatonin and lignans help all three is because the supplements support the adrenal glands. What is […]

Ophiopogon Powder: Herbal Remedy for Dog Cushing’s Disease

Ophiopogon Powder: Herbal Remedy for Dog Cushing's Disease

Dog Cushing’s disease is a condition resulting from the chronic overproduction of glucocorticoid. In normal dogs, the pituitary gland produces the hormone ACTH. ACTH stimulates the adrenal glands to produce glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoid hormones are necessary for the proper function of many-body systems. When something goes wrong with the pituitary or adrenal glands causing too much […]

Harmonize Liver: A Powerful TCVM Liver Supplement for Dogs and Cats


Believe it or not, your pet’s liver is one of the largest organs in his or her body.

Free Instant Download – Learn TCVM Food Therapy for Pets!

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LEARN HOW TO HEAL YOUR PET WITH FOOD THERAPY Learn How to Cook for Your Pet Easy At-Home Things to Try – Written by Holistic TCVM Veterinarians For a Limited Time Only – Free Instant Download! [pardot-form height=”650″ id=”11006″ title=”PETTAO Food Therapy Ebook Form”] EASTERN FOOD THERAPY FOR PETS: How to Use Food as Medicine […]

Is Dog Hair Loss a Possible First Sign of Cushing’s Disease?

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Dog hair loss, or alopecia, is often the first sign of an endocrine disease like Cushing’s. In addition, other skin-related signs of endocrine disease in your dog could be the following: Thinning of the skin Skin infection or hot spots Comedones (blackheads) Hyperpigmentation Calcinosis cutis (calcium deposition in the skin) Frequently, however, dog hair loss […]

Why Is My Dog Shaking?

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Why is Your Dog Shaking? Shaking is a symptom many veterinarians fail to explain early on. The scenario usually goes as follows. You are bummed out over your dog’s diagnosis of Cushing’s disease is normal and expected. You consider natural treatments, diet, and pharmaceutical drugs. It’s even crossed your mind to leave your best friend […]