Lung Cancer in Dogs: How You Can Help at Home

Lung cancer in dogs

What Is Lung Cancer in Dogs? Lung cancer in dogs is a type of cancer that starts in the lungs of canines. Although not as widespread as some other types, it is still a relatively common cancer in dogs. There are several types of lung cancer in dogs, and they can show different symptoms depending […]

Eastern Food Therapy for Pets Made Easy – PET | TAO

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Harmony: The Goal of Eastern Food Therapy for Pets According to TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Theory), any unnatural health condition in the body is due to some type of imbalance. Therefore, the goal of TCVM and food therapy is to bring your pet’s body back into balance. Then, when your pet is attaining energetic […]

External Wind Herbal Formula Eases Dog Flea Allergies


What Are Dog Flea Allergies? Fleas make most dogs itch. But, some dogs are actually allergic to flea bites. In medical terms, veterinarians call it “flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)” or “flea bite sensitivity”. If your dog is allergic, a single bite can wreak havoc. Many people think the fleas crawling around on the dogs’ skin […]

Su Zi Jiang Qi Inhibits Feline Asthma

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What Is Feline Asthma? Feline asthma occurs when cats inhale allergens. When an asthma-prone cat inhales an allergen, its body creates antibodies targeting that particular allergen. Then, when the cat is re-exposed to the same particular allergen, the antibodies react, bringing immune cells into the airways. In turn, the immune response produces substances that promote […]

Curtail Feline Tumors With Max’s Formula TCVM Herbal Remedy

Curtail Feline Tumors With Max’s Formula TCVM Herbal Remedy

Max’s Formula Reduces Feline Tumors Are feline tumors a problem? Well, maybe yes and maybe no. As cats age, they often get lumps and bumps. In veterinary medicine, lumps and bumps are called masses or tumors. Not all tumors are cancerous, but some tumors are. Some common causes of cat lumps and bumps are: Abscesses Fatty […]

TCVM Dog Food Recipe for Early-Stage Cushing’s Disease


Feeding for Early Stage Cushing’s Disease Understanding early-stage Cushing’s disease requires an overall understanding of Cushing’s in general. Cushing’s disease is a condition occurring when a dog’s adrenal glands produce too much of certain hormones. The medical term for Cushing’s disease is hyperadrenocorticism. Dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease go through three basic stages: early-stage, mid-stage, […]