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“Even though I don’t practice clinical medicine, I trust the company PET|TAO. I think the fact that PET|TAO is generating a community around natural, holistic pet food and pet health advice is a true gift to the pet owner. Sometimes, less medicine and more thought is better.”

-Kevin Cox DVM, DACT, COO of Alliance Animal Care, LLC

PetTao Xie

“I trust the PET|TAO.

All my patients love and receive benefit from PET|TAO products.”

-Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD, Founder Chi Institute of Traditional, Veterinary Medicine, Reddick, FL

PetTao Drumm

“I have been practicing holistic veterinary medicine for over 10 years, and using PET|TAO foods in my clinics since their inception in 2010. I encourage all my clients to use diets according to the tennants of traditional Chinese veterinary food therapy for their pets, and PET|TAO diets are a convenient way to do so when unable to home cook. I have found PET|TAO foods to be highly palatable even in the most finicky patients.”

-Diana Drumm, DVM

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“I had been searching for a food line that was developed using the principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Another important criteria was that the food line contained ingredients that were balanced, fresh, and palatable.

The PET|TAO feline and canine foods were a perfect match for us! Pets from our clinic on PET|TAO have shown a significant improvement in health and behavior. An added bonus is that owners are happy that their pets enjoy mealtime too!”

-David Bortell, DVM, CVCH, CVFT

PetTao Collins

“I have been feeding the PET|TAO diets and treats to my own dogs for several years. They love the food and look and feel great. I’m impressed with the quality of the food and the customer service.

As a veterinarian who practices Chinese medicine exclusively, I am thrilled to recommend PET|TAO to my clients for their pets. It’s important for me to use a product and feel comfortable with it before I encourage my clients to purchase it. My 5 dogs eat this food every day.”

-Karen Collins, VMD, CVA, CVHC

PetTao Knarr“I have been using PET|TAO Foods for several years. I am certified in veterinary acupuncture, veterinary food therapy, and veterinary Chinese herbals. If there is an imbalance in the pet, food therapy can really help. Foods have herbal qualities. Food can be cooling, warming, qi tonics, blood tonics, and yin tonics. In many cases, changing the dynamics of the food for the pet is treatment enough.

I also dispense their treats for many deficiencies, especially arthritic animals. The pets really love these treats. I had a cat, unfortunately he passed away this spring from old age, who suffered from feline lower urinary tract disease for many years until I put him on the feline turkey PET|TAO canned food. In TCVM terms, he had Bladder Damp Heat, which meant he had chronic inflammation of his bladder. Turkey is cooling, and using this food alone, cleared his bladder inflammation.

There was one time when I ran out of the PET|TAO turkey and put him on a chicken based canned food. Within a week, he had a flare-up of his FLUTD. As soon as I put him back on the PET|TAO turkey food, he symptoms subsided within 3 days. I made sure I never ran out of this food again.”

-Karen Turner Knarr, DVM, CVA, CVFT, CVCH, East Ridge Animal Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

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