Alleviate Cat Rear Leg Weakness Naturally with Hindquarter Weakness TCVM Herbal Formula


Why Do Cats Suffer From Rear Leg Weakness? Two common causes of cat rear leg weakness are arthritis and hip dysplasia. Arthritis Arthritis affects many older cats, targeting joints and worsening over time. Cats suffering from arthritis often refuse to climb stairs, limp, lay around more, don’t jump as high, and sometimes have trouble getting in […]

Horse Back Pain TCVM Remedy: Hindquarter Weakness Formula

Hindquarter Weakness: TCVM Herbal Remedy for Horse Back Pain

Does your horse suddenly act a little angsty when you try to mount? Maybe she refuses to back up, or cringes when you curry her topline? If so, the problem could be horse back pain. Causes of Horse Back Pain Common causes of horse back pain include: Muscle strain Conformational problems Lack of muscle development […]

Hindquarter Weakness: Improve Dog Hind Leg Weakness Naturally

Hindquarter Weakness: Improve Dog Hind Leg Weakness Naturally

Several things, including injury, arthritis, and degenerative myelopathy can cause dog hind leg weakness. Symptoms of dog hind leg weakness include: A swaying gait, with the rear end moving back and forth “Bunny hopping,” especially up the stairs Difficulty getting up Exercise intolerance Pain and stiffness in the rear end Reluctance to walk, run, climb stairs, […]

How to Help Your Cushing’s Syndrome Dog’s Back Legs

How to Help Your Cushing's Syndrome Dog's Back Legs

What Causes Problems in a Cushing’s Syndrome Dog’s Back Legs? Cushing’s disease, also known as hyperadrenocorticism, is a condition that affects dogs and is characterized by an overproduction of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. While Cushing’s disease primarily affects the endocrine system, it can indirectly impact various body parts, including the muscles […]

Double P II Soothes Cat Disc Disease Symptoms

Double P II Soothes Cat Disc Disease Symptoms

Disc disease is more common in dogs than cats. However, some cats suffer from disc disease. Symptoms range from signs of mild pain to paralysis (partial or complete). However, most cat disc disease cases fall somewhere between the two extremes. The symptoms of cat disc disease often mimic signs of ruptured disks caused trauma, but […]

Don’t Just Sit There! Learn Your Pet’s Constitution Now!

What Is My Pet's Constitution?

Discover Your Pet’s Constitution: A Quick Guide to The Five-Element Theory and How it Relates to Your Pet What is your pet’s constitution? Also, what does the word “constitution” mean in the context of your pet?  How does your dog act?  Is your dog timid?   Is your dog fearful?  Does your dog act confident or lack confidence?   […]