Double P II Soothes Cat Disc Disease Symptoms

Double P II Soothes Cat Disc Disease Symptoms

Disc disease is more common in dogs than cats.

However, some cats suffer from disc disease.

Symptoms range from signs of mild pain to paralysis (partial or complete).

However, most cat disc disease cases fall somewhere between the two extremes.

The symptoms of cat disc disease often mimic signs of ruptured disks caused trauma, but the cause is different.

Many cats with disc disease go undiagnosed because cats are very good at masking symptoms.

Unfortunately, disc disease often leads to permanent nerve damage.

So, it is very important to recognize and intervene as soon as possible.

What Is Cat Disc Disease?

Intervertebral discs are fibrocartilage pads found between most of the spinal vertebrae.

The discs are tough and fibrous on the outside and gel-like on the inside.

And, they are the spinal column’s “shock absorbers”.

Unfortunately, sometimes the discs degenerate, bulge, burst, or rupture.

When anything goes wrong with a disc, the inside material gets into the spinal column pressing on the spinal cord or nerves.

The pressure causes pain, nerve damage, and possibly paralysis.

Symptoms can show up anywhere from the cat’s neck to its rear limbs, depending on the location of the damaged disc.

In cats, symptoms are mostly found in the neck and thoracic area.

Symptoms of Cat Disc Disease

Cats with disc disease experience various symptoms.

Pet parents might notice one or more of the symptoms listed below.

Symptoms may appear abruptly, gradually, or intermittently.

Symptoms include:

  • Anxious behavior
  • Avoiding jumping
  • Crying out in pain
  • Hunched back or neck
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Muscle spasms in the neck or back
  • Rear leg lameness
  • Reduced activity level
  • Reduced appetite
  • Tense muscles

Often, the outer layer of a cat’s discs will harden.

Then, the hardening damages the disc, causing it to break down more easily.

When the cat jumps or lands forcefully, the disc(s) may burst, allowing the inner material to press on the spinal cord.

In other instances, the cat’s discs gradually become fibrous and hardened and eventually break down.

Then, as the discs break down, they bulge out and compress the spinal cord causing pain and neurological symptoms.

How Double P II Herbal Blend Helps Cats with Disc Disease

Some veterinarians prescribe pharmaceuticals to help cats with disc disease feel better.

Often, though, holistic veterinarians and pet parents prefer to try something natural first.

Herbs provide a gentle, tonic alternative for many cats.

Double P II Herbal Formula: Western Philosophy

Double P II helps cats suffering from:

  • Acute intervertebral disc diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Disc protrusion

Double P II Herbal Formula: Eastern Philosophy

Eastern medicine treats a disease’s root cause(s) rather than symptoms.

Accordingly, TCVM veterinarians evaluate cat disc disease differently than Western veterinarians.

TCVM vets look for signs of imbalance.

Double P II helps cats with the following TCVM signs:

  • Back very sensitive to touch
  • Paralysis and paresis due to stagnation
  • A fast pulse
  • A purple tongue

How Double P II Herbal Formula Works

Double P II is a TCVM blend of 22 different Eastern herbs.

In addition, the herbs perform synergistically, balancing systems and meridians in the body.

Double P II addresses the underlying causes of cat disc disease.

The underlying cause of any disease is always an imbalance somewhere in the body.

Double P II alleviates your cat’s imbalances while treating the symptoms of IVDD.

According to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Double P II works by:

  • Breaking down Stasis in the spine
  • Moving Qi
  • Relieving pain

What Are the Ingredients in Double P II?

The main ingredients in Double P II are:

  • Ba Ji Tian warms Yang and tonifies Kidney
  • Bu Gu Zhi tonifies Kidney Yang and strengthens bones
  • Chi Shao cools Blood and resolves stagnation
  • Chuan Niu Xi tonifies Kidney Yang and strengthens rear limbs
  • Chuan Xiong activates Blood and resolves stagnation
  • Dang Gui nourishes Blood, activates Blood, and relieves pain
  • Di Long clears internal wind and detoxifies
  • Du Zhong strengthens back and tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Fu Zi warms Yang and Channels
  • Gan Cao harmonizes
  • Gu Sui Bu strengthens bones and tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Hong Hua moves Blood and resolves stagnation and stasis
  • Huang Qi tonifies Qi
  • Ma Qian Zi activates Channels, relieves pain, and clears Wind-Damp
  • Mo Yao resolves stagnation and relieves pain
  • Quan Xie resolves stagnation
  • Ru Xiang resolves stagnation and relieves pain
  • Tian San Qi moves Blood, stops hemorrhage
  • Wu Gong moves Qi and relieves pain
  • Xu Duan strengthens bones and ligaments, tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Xue Jie resolves stagnation

Dr. Huisheng Xie, the founder of the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL, created the Double P II herbal formula specifically for animals.

Dr. Xie based the Double P II  herbal formula on the ancient TCM formula Da Huo Luo Dan.

Double P II works best when combined with plenty of water, Eastern Food Therapy, and moderate exercise.

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