Why Alpha-Amylase Improves Pet Digestion

Why Alpha-Amylase Improves Pet Digestion

Does your pet have digestive issues?

Maybe he or she has an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea?

After getting your cat or dog evaluated by your veterinarian, consider supplementing his or her diet with digestive enzymes.

digestive issues in his digestive system, immune function suffers.

Additionally, your pet can experience incomplete digestion, with partially digested food entering the bloodstream from the large intestine.

Because most commercial pet foods, including canned food and dried kibble, require very high temperatures to mass produce, they lack natural enzymes.

However, even pets on raw diets benefit from digestive enzyme supplementation.

Raw diets often try to mimic how wild cats and dogs eat in the wild.

But, no manufacturer will include fur (fiber), guts and glands.

This is another reason why the addition of a digestive enzyme supplement can be beneficial.

What is Alpha-Amylase?

Digestive supplements such as PET | TAO’s Harmonize GI contain three of the main types of enzymes: amylase, protease, and lipase.

Amylase breaks down long-chain carbohydrates, such as starch and glycogen, which is the energy-storage molecule in animal tissue.

Amylase helps break down food in the small intestines.

Alpha-amylase (α-Amylase) is the form of the enzyme found in humans and other mammals.

The pancreas and salivary glands produce Alpha-amylase, and it is also found in the small intestine, ovaries, placenta, liver and fallopian tubes.

Why is Alpha-Amylase Beneficial for Improving Pet Digestion?

Your pet needs Amylases to digest starches, which provide energy in the form of glucose.

Glucose is the primary sugar molecule the body uses for energy.

In a study of humans, scientists connected an increased risk of metabolic abnormalities like diabetes and metabolic syndrome with low serum amylase levels.

The study concluded digestive enzymes can help maintain normal blood sugar levels as well as treat or reverse diabetes symptoms.

Pets with cancer can also benefit from taking digestive enzymes.

Cancer and conventional treatments often interfere with digestive enzymes and insulin.

Another study in humans uncovered how the salivary enzyme alpha-amylase indicates stress-reactive bodily changes.

Researchers showed salivary alpha-amylase levels reflected psychosocial stress.

Does Alpha-Amylase Have Side Effects?

Use only as directed by your veterinarian.

Responses to supplements may vary by animal.

Safety for pregnant or nursing animals is not proven.

Pets who recently had GI surgery or a GI ulcer should recover completely before instituting enzyme supplementation.

How to Use Alpha-Amylase with Other Herbs and Compounds

Alpha-Amylase’s benefits are best when combined with other compounds.

For example, a supplement including Lipase, Cellulase, Protease, and Alpha-Amylase would most effectively help your pup.

Seeking an all natural supplement with alpha-amylase to improve your pet’s digestion?

                                                     Learn more about PET | TAO’s Harmonize GI Supplement


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