How Cranberry Juice Extract Benefits Dog Bladder Health

How Cranberry Juice Extract Benefits Dog Bladder Health

Does your dog have bladder issues?

Here are a few obvious signs your pup has bladder challenges:

  • Accidents in the house
  • Dark and cloudy urine or blood in the urine
  • Straining to urinate or being unable to pass urine
  • Drinking more water than usual
  • Licking his or her urinary openings
  • Acting lethargic, vomiting, or not eating

Take your dog to the vet if he or she experiences these symptoms.

These symptoms could be caused by a urinary tract infection or something more serious such as:

Additionally, dogs with Cushing’s disease repeatedly treated with steroids or catheterized dogs are at an increased risk for E. coli-related bacterial UTIs.

A holistic vet who practices Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) may recommend a supplement containing cranberry juice extract in addition to traditional treatment.

What is Cranberry Juice Extract?

Cranberries have a history of medicinal use dating back hundreds of years.

In 1578, herbalist Henry Lyte documented using cranberries to treat a variety of diseases.

Native Americans on the East coast of the U.S. used cranberries medicinally as well.

In the 1840s, German scientists discovered the benefits of cranberries on the urinary tract.

By the 1930s, scientists were studying cranberries in clinical trials.

Why is Cranberry Juice Extract Beneficial for Soothing Dog Bladders?

Cranberries contain a multitude of beneficial compounds and vitamins.

For example, cranberries get their color from anthocyanins pigments, which have a stronger antioxidant power than vitamin E.

Anthocyanins are anti-inflammatory and lessen allergies.

Cranberries also contain proanthocyanidins, an antioxidant helping improve blood vessels and the delivery of oxygen to cell membranes.

Cranberries recently gained attention for containing ellagic acid, which is shown to cause apoptosis in cancer cells during studies.

Additionally, cranberries contain:

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin K
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Tannins

Tannins help prevent bacteria like E. coli, which causes UTIs, from sticking to the urinary tract walls.

In 1984, a study of people and mice showed consuming cranberry juice prevented E. coli bacteria from colonizing on cell walls.

Another study in 2007 revealed the “anti-adhesion” properties of proanthocyanidins.

Does Cranberry Juice Extract Have Side Effects?

Medications changed by the liver interact with cranberry.

Safety for pregnant or nursing animals is not proven.

Cranberry juice can cause the kidneys to excrete drugs more rapidly, reducing their effectiveness.

Alkaline drugs, such as antidepressants and prescription painkillers, could be impacted.

Use only as directed by your veterinarian. Responses to supplements may vary by animal.

How to Use Cranberry Juice Extract with Other Herbs and Compounds

Cranberry juice extract’s benefits are best when combined with other compounds.

For example, a supplement including Cranberry juice extract, Juniper Berry, Marshmallow Root, and Uva Ursi would most effectively help your pup.

Seeking an all-natural supplement to help your dog’s bladder and urinary challenges?

Learn more about PET | TAO’s Soothe Bladder Supplement.

More Powerful Tools to Help Your Dog’s Urinary Tract & Bladder Challenges

There are many quick and easy changes you can make at home to help you give your dog an edge on easing urinary tract challenges.

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