How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer: The Story of Noelle Blessey, Carl and Suede

How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer: The Story of Noelle Blessey, Carl and Suede

Do You Need a Dog Trainer?

If your situation is like mine, a dog trainer will help!

My dogs, Suede and Carl, were in desperate need of some guidance.

I needed more harmony in my home. 

Suede, a middle-aged lemon beagle, recently discovered how to empty my trash can.

Carl, a rott-mix puppy, chewed up my couch and pillows.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ali Lehman and I am the social media manager and copywriter for PET | TAO.

When I realized I needed a trainer for my pups, I asked Dr. Smith, PET | TAO co-founder and practicing veterinarian, for a recommendation.

Dr. Smith recommended Noelle Blessey, a client of his, who is a very well respected Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist.

Noelle’s company, Thank Dog, offers professional, in-home dog training throughout Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Find a Dog Trainer You Connect With

I knew Noelle would be a great fit for my family as soon as we met.

Noelle has a calm, laid back energy.

We agreed on many dog training principles. We both believed pet owners need training and guidance in order to correct their dog’s behavior. 

The mission of Thank Dog is to build a strong bond between dogs and the people who love them.

A good trainer doesn’t just show you how to discipline, but also how to connect with your pup.

Through individualized study and proven training methods, Noelle helps dogs and people realize the fullest potential of their relationship.

Proper training should focus as much on the dog’s human family as it does on the dog itself.

Training your dog is about learning to communicate effectively to maximize fun!

Choose the Right Training Location

I am grateful Noelle makes house calls, as I needed real time tips for situations arising at home

Thank Dog was founded on the philosophy of “truly effective training begins where your dog lives – in your home!”

It’s one thing to get your pup to “sit” at the trainer’s house, quite another to get him to “sit” with all the distractions of home.

Noelle trains pups in the home because it is where your dog is most comfortable and confident.

In later lessons Noelle will take you and your pup to a dog park for training, to ensure control of your dog even in public and around other dogs.

However, different pet parents have varying needs.

Thank Dog also offers a one of a kind group class – the first outdoor fitness program combining dog training, weight training and cardio training for people and their pets.

A Dog Trainer Helps You Seek Realistic Goals

In order to get Suede out of the garbage, I needed better trash cans.

The reality is, as I learned from Noelle, garbage is just too tasty a reward for Suede to stay away from the trash can.

And she was right!

After a quick trip to Walmart for some stainless steel trash cans with push-pedal opening, I’ve foiled Suede’s garbage plans.

Understanding your pup is a big part of receiving dog training. 

I had a similar realization with Carl.

In order to keep him from tearing up our pillows we needed to employ three changes:

  • Put up a gate in the kitchen to keep Carl out of the living room when we leave the house.
  • Provide him with more chew toys to keep him occupied and stress free.
  • Remember when Carl sees the pillows, all he sees are big toys full of stuffing!

Although Carl and Suede only had one training session with Noelle, there are already some major positive changes in my home.

My rescue pups are more peaceful and my house isn’t getting destroyed

Could you and your pups use a little training?

What are the biggest behavior issues plaguing your home?

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