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PET | TAO proudly donates a portion of each food purchase to WATCVM.

The World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to promoting all aspects of TCVM and we are glad to be part of the ongoing effort.



No matter what your goals, PET | TAO can help.

Whether you want to expand your practice, become an expert in your field, or simply help people better understand their pets, we can help!

Through our educational web presence, we can help you meet your professional goals in several different ways.

  • Eastern Food Therapy Easily Incorporated into Your Practice
  • Free Listing in Our Holistic Veterinarian Database
  • Constant Referrals
  • Additional 5% Discount on all Pet Food Products in our Store

Eastern Food Therapy Easily Incorporated into Your Practice

With our recipes, ebook, and canned formulas, you can easily incorporate Eastern food therapy into your practice.

We all know food is the basis of good health.

With our simple method and products, you can easily incorporate Eastern Food Therapy into your practice.

Enjoy the resulting healthy pets and happy clients immediately.

Free Listing in Our Holistic Veterinarian Database.

Our website is built to rank high in online searches, and our vet clinics have received many referrals from people seeking pet care information online.

Having your information in our database as a holistic veterinarian will put you in touch with many potential clients.

Constant Referrals

We get emails from people nationwide on a daily basis, looking for holistic veterinarians who offer food therapy and alternative medicine.

Most people are not in our service area. When these people contact us, we refer them to our Holistic Veterinarian Database.

Our database leads the clients to you.

In addition, Jing Tang Affiliates are eligible for an additional 5% discount on all pet food products in our store.

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Register for Your Jing Tang Affiliate Account 

It’s really easy to get started as a Jing Tang Affiliate.

First, create an account at TCVM Pet Supply.

Create Account at TCVM Pet Supply

Then, email us at info@tcvmpet.com and let us know you’ve created the account and would like to be added as a Jing Tang Affiliate.

Note: You must be in our database to receive the special Jing Tang Affiliate discounts and private offers.

The registration process may take up to one (1) business day.

When your registration is complete, we’ll email you back to let you know.

Simply log in, and your discounted rates should display automatically.

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