Zing TCVM Blood Deficiency Dog Food – Eastern Food Therapy for Pets

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Choosing food for your pet can be tricky! This is exactly why we created the PET | TAO line.

PET | TAO combines Eastern Food Therapy with Western Nutritional Science to provide the most holistic option available in food today.

The goal of Eastern Food Therapy is harmony in the body.

Some pets are already energetically balanced, some are not.

PET | TAO is divided into basic categories: Harmony formulas and Solution formulas.

Harmony formulas maintain your pet’s energetic balance.

Solution formulas help attain energetic balance in your pet’s body.

PET | TAO chooses all ingredients based on the energetics of Eastern food therapy – in other words, how the ingredients affect the body after consumption.

How does Zing TCVM cooling dog food work?

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the quality and quantity of blood (Qi) that the body creates is critical to the health of your pet.

In the video below, PET | TAO co-founder and TCVM veterinarian Dr. Marc Smith explains how Zing TCVM blood deficiency dog food helps pets.

Use Zing TCVM Blood Deficiency Dog Food to Balance Health

Gain Confidence…

Feed a definitive food that sustains energetic balance

Take Charge…

Nurture your pet with unrivaled nutrition that is energetically balanced

Sustain Harmony…

Feed nutrients that are purposefully and accurately chosen to be used in the digestive tract to be transformed into higher quality blood cells

 Zing TCVM Blood Deficiency Dog Food Helps Dogs Suffering From:

  • Dry skin, scalp, and eyes
  • Premature greying and loss of hair
  • Nervousness and trembling
  • Ligament issues
  • Liver issues
  • Dry and cracking footpads and toenails
  • Insomnia

PET | TAO’s Harmony

Help your pet live a long, healthy, and balanced by choosing the right food!

Feed your pet a nutritious and balanced diet using TCVM Eastern Food Therapy.

Feed with this philosophy and your choices become accurate and effective.

Learn more about food therapy for pets:

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