TCVM: Your Answer for Cat Chronic Sinusitis

Your Answer for Cat Chronic Sinusitis

Do you know the signs of chronic cat sinusitis?

Poor Fluffy.

His nose is runny and congested.

Fluffy’s had diarrhea on and off for weeks.

His skin is dry and flakey, but hot to the touch.

You know Fluffy has chronic sinusitis, but what can you do about it?

A traditional vet gave you antibiotics and steroids over the years for Fluffy’s chronic sinusitis.

Sometimes they work, but sometimes the antibiotics give Fluffy diarrhea.

TCVM provides the best course of action for treating cat chronic sinusitis.

But, how?

We’ll explain.

How Does TCVM Address Chronic Sinusitis?

Fluffy’s chronic sinusitis started as a sinus infection.

After treating with antibiotics, the infection became chronic.

This may be a result of cold-nature antibiotics damaging the spleen, causing chronic dampness.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), chronic sinusitis presents certain symptoms.

For example, a TCVM vet conducts tongue evaluations.

A cat with chronic sinusitis presents with a small, shrunken, and red tongue.

His nose shows green nasal discharge and the top appears swollen.

A clogged nose and sinuses cause labored breathing.

A TCVM vet notices hot ears, dry and flakey skin, and sensitivity in the lumbosacral area.

Based on the cat’s hot ears and green nasal discharge, the veterinarian deduces the cat has excess heat.

The chronic nature of the cat’s sinusitis indicates dampness.

The underlying problem appears as spleen qi deficiency.

The doctor’s diagnosis is nasal damp-heat due to spleen qi deficiency.

How TCVM Helps.

A TCVM vet often recommends acupuncture, laser acupuncture, and Chinese herbals, which tonifies the spleen to eases underlying diarrhea and clear the nasal passages.

You may notice an immediate improvement in Fluffy’s symptoms, but weekly treatment is best.

By the third treatment, Fluffy presents as more energetic, with less diarrhea and fewer sneezes.

TCVM also treats chronic illnesses with diet.

To learn more about Eastern Food Therapy and other TCVM tips for your cat, sign up for our free content library!

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