Why Should You Cook Homemade Pet Food?

Why Should You Cook Homemade Pet Food?

When it comes to your pets, do you want to be a powerful health advocate for them? You may need to cook homemade pet food for your pet.

They are part of your family, right?

But, your pets don’t have the option to research what’s best for them.

Take Control and Educate Yourself About Homemade Pet Food Benefits

You can assist your pets in living a longer, healthier life.

To do so requires a commitment on your part.

You see, TV commercials DON’T highlight what’s actually in brand-name pet food.

Processed meals, fillers, additives, preservatives, and flavor enhancers are part of commercial pet food.

It’s convenient to buy. But, it comes with consequences.

By the way, I cringe when I watch pet food commercials. Don’t you?

So, why would you want to become the Betty Crocker of pet food?

Top 4 Reasons 31% of Pet Owners Cook Homemade Pet Food for Their Pets

1. More Control

According to a recent Harris Poll, 31% of pet parents cook homemade pet food.

Unlike the human industry, little government control exists in the pet food industry.

In fact, pet owners quiver at the lack of regulations and quality control.

2. Better Ingredient Sources

The majority of commercial pet food contains rendered proteins or vegetable proteins.

If you decide to make a homemade pet food, you determine the ingredients and from where they come.

3. Breed-Specific Diets

Commercial diets intend to reach a large percentage of consumers.

When you make your own pet food though, you can tailor the diet to the breed or origin.

For example, northern-bred dogs have survived on fish like salmon for centuries.

4. Health Issues

Certain ingredients in pet foods cause major health problems in our pets.

Most notably, grains and certain proteins can cause severe allergies in some pets.

So, when your pets get sick, you want to feed them the best.

And in some cases, what’s best may in fact be a home-cooked diet. You may need to cook for your pet.

But, ask your veterinarian first.

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More Homemade Pet Food Info Coming Soon!


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