Why Dog Allergies Are Almost Always a Chronic Headache

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Yes, dog allergies are a chronic headache! Not only to dogs, but to their pet parents as well!

It happens every single night: lick, chew, scratch.  

And again: lick, chew, scratch.


“This is driving me crazy! It’s driving my dog crazy, too!”

“Honey, I can’t sleep! The dog sneezing all night long is driving me crazy. Take Oscar to the vet, please!”

Sound familiar?

The horror of dog skin problemsDOG ALLERGIES.

Imagine for a minute how uncomfortable, irritating, painful, debilitating and outright devastating it must be to scratch, lick, chew, rub your butt, and shake your head pretty much all the time.

Unfortunately, all across the world, allergies afflict many of our furry friends.

In fact, over 50% of dogs in the U.S. suffer from some sort of allergy.

Most Dogs Have More Than One Symptom

Whether the culprits are fleas, mold, dust, or food – dogs are suffering.

You can be fairly certain your dog has canine allergies, also called atopy, if your dog has the following dog allergy symptoms:

  • Scratching or itching
  • Licking his feet
  • Scooting
  • Shaking his/her head from ear infections
  • Getting repeat hotspots
  • Licking his belly
  • Draining from the eyes 
  • Continual sneezing

Symptoms can be caused by other issues, but allergies should be at the top of the list.

Allergy Management is a Chronic Headache

“What should I do?” you ask, exasperated.

“Change the food to a brand for dog food allergies?”

Nope! Still itching.

“Give Benadryl?”

Oscar sleeps all day!

“Give him a bath?”

His skin gets dry and he still itches!

Are you frustrated yet? I bet you are!

The last resort is to head off to the veterinarian for treatment and, you got it, more frustration!

And the good news is?

There’s Not Much Good News

Understand treating dog allergies is complicated, frequently unrewarding, and a massive source of frustration for you and your dog.

Management is the only solution, and management leads – just as I mentioned – to a chronic headache.

Do you feel confident your pup’s symptoms signify allergies?

Proactive Ways to Help Your Allergic Dog

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