Boost Your Business with TCVM Food Therapy


Two Ways to Boost Your Business!


How Will PET TAO’s Food Therapy System Boost My Business?

People are interested in TCVM Food Therapy.

Research shows over 3.1 million Americans overcome health challenges using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture.

Naturally, they want the same for their pets!

Imagine yourself instantly implementing TCVM food therapy in your store or practice using PET | TAO’s simple, veterinary-tested feeding system.

Color-coded and easy to use, PET | TAO TCVM food therapy products help pets thrive.

Healthy pets, happy pet parents, and you’re an instant hero!

Realize your practice’s potential today!


PET | TAO combines Eastern Food Therapy and Western Nutritional Science in pet food, treats, and supplements. Our products help rebalance a pet’s subtle energy.

Energetic balance supports the body’s natural healing process, giving pets an extra advantage for eliminating health challenges.

– Cofounders Dr. Marc Smith & Dr. Casey Damron


PET | TAO’s Feeding Suggestion Flow Charts Make Choosing the Right Products Quick & Easy


The PET | TAO Dog Feeding Flow Chart

Our TCVM Food Therapy dog feeding flow chart helps your staff quickly and easily choose the right food for your potential client.

Your staff need only pick the food that most closely matches your potential client’s pet health challenges.

When you place an initial stocking order, we’ll send you laminated copies of our feeding chart and treat wheel.

TCVM Food Therapy - Feeding Suggestions Chart

PET | TAO Treat Feeding Suggestions Wheel

Our TCVM Food Therapy treats wheel works in a similar fashion to the feeding chart.

Just match the potential client’s pet health challenges to the appropriate treat!

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How to Get Started

It’s really easy to start boosting your business with PET | TAO!

There are two ways you can benefit from PET |TAO.

Let’s see which one is right for you!

Wholesale Program

You can purchase PET | TAO products to resell in your clinic or store as a veterinarian or pet store.

In addition, you get 20% off the wholesale prices for your initial stocking order. 

If you’d like to purchase PET | TAO at wholesale prices and resell it in your store or clinic, just fill out the online wholesale program application

TCVM Pet Supply sells PET | TAO products at wholesale cost to veterinarians and pet stores.

Once your application is approved, TCVM Pet Supply will contact you with instructions on how to place your first order with the additional 20% discount.


Affiliate Program 

If you want to avoid inventorying PET | TAO products in your clinic or store, you can still earn a commission by recommending PET | TAO to your clients.

It’s effortless! Just register for the affiliate program. 

Once approved, you’ll get a special link for your clients to use to place an order. 

When your clients create their account through the link, their email address gets listed in your affiliate account. Then, you receive a 10% commission with every order they place.


Additional Information

In addition to offering wholesale and affiliate programs, we can also help your staff learn how to use and promote our products. 

Our product information page gives you an overview of our products and philosophy.

You’ll find training videos and charts on our sales training page

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, just let us know!

We look forward to working with you!