Should I Carry PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products?

Should I Carry PET | TAO in My Retail Store?

Are you considering stocking your store with PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products?

If you are looking for holistic pet products offering MORE philosophy, the answer is YES!

But, do you know what the largest growing trend in the pet food industry is?

Holistic, natural solutions!

Yes, But What Makes PET | TAO Different?

PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products fills a void retailers have identified in the holistic pet food and treats market.

Customers are ASKING for products like ours.

Eastern Wisdom Combined With Western Science

PET | TAO’s unique concept combines Eastern food therapy with Western nutritional science.

You get the best of both worlds–East and West.

PET | TAO takes healthy to a new level.

Each of our diets is specifically formulated using the ancient philosophy of food therapy to increase health and longevity.

PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products are clean, natural food helping pets attain and maintain physical harmony.

Ancient Eastern Knowledge

PET | TAO premium pet food is based on thousand-year-old Eastern knowledge: All naturally occurring foods have predictable physiologic and metabolic actions in the animals consuming them.

In addition, PET | TAO is formulated according to the Western nutritional science of a diet based on a balance of proteins and carbohydrates and enriched with vitamins and minerals.

High-Quality Ingredients Chosen by Energetic Value

We use high-quality ingredients specifically chosen based on each food’s energetic quality.

Therefore, PET | TAO gives your pets real food to balance and contrast their own bodies’ energetic qualities. Also, by understanding and applying food therapy, PET | TAO helps heal your pets with food.

Just take a look at our labels!

Our products are all free of preservatives.

We are Unique

There are no comparable products in the industry!

PET | TAO is the only manufacturer of food combining Eastern food therapy with Western nutritional science.

Our unique combination makes Food Therapy easily accessible to conscious pet owners.

Many pet owners seek alternative Eastern therapies for themselves: acupuncture, Eastern herbs, moxibustion, and more.

Accordingly, many pet owners already choose Eastern food therapy eating habits for themselves.

So, pet parents, naturally, want the same for their precious furbabies.

Food Used as Medicine

Food as medicine works. Likewise, veterinarians KNOW this.

In fact, more than 300 veterinarians nationwide recommend PET | TAO to their clients!

PET | TAO’s founders, Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron studied Eastern Food Therapy at the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL.

Read The Entire Story Here

Finally, through knowledge gained at the Chi Institute, the doctors created PET | TAO.

We Position Retailers on the Cutting Edge

You will be on the cutting edge as PET | TAO moves into the retail sector

Retailing PET | TAO means you get more than just pet food, you also get:

  • 24/7 support straight from our founders and veterinarians Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron.
  • Guidance on an ancient feeding philosophy from a local sales representative.
  • Free online classes and support to train retailers and customers – the work is done for you!
  • To corner the growing holistic pet market with a distinct and unique line!

Since 2010, PET | TAO has been helping pets live longer, feel better, and be happy.

We call this overall manifestation of health harmony.

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